Motorised monitors | Uptronics

Today more and more people tend to work at distances. We meet personally only when it is time to perform a conference, meeting or presentation. That is why the requirements for planning workspace interiors are constantly growing. However, the technology is constantly pushing us forward and things that once seemed fantastical become usual and accessible. Let’s have a closer look at some of innovative engineering designs we provide.

Uptronics offers solutions that help to organize workspace interiors effectively. Our easy-to-install compact module contains multimedia complex. Its parameters may vary depending on functions you want it to support. You can barely notice them when the system is deactivated, but a single button press will instantly computerize your worktop.

Every module is equipped with system unit, display, mouse and keyboard.

We provide our systems with all sorts of optional hardware including microphone, web camera, wireless charging surface, projection device, UPS, etc. Several inputs for external devices are available too.

Our solutions fit perfectly for optimizing workspace interiors wherever functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics are required.

  • Conference halls and meeting rooms
  • Public and business areas
  • Hotel and clinic receptions
  • Training and educational platforms
  • Shopping halls and showrooms
  • We use top quality components and materials and cooperate with major manufacturers
  • Expert engineers and industrial designers work together to make our systems operate and look perfectly
  • We maintain constant control over assembly of every device and run multiple tests to guarantee the top quality of our products
  • Body frames of our devices are made of anodized aluminum and stainless steel, you can choose colors and materials of decorative panels individually
  • You define which devices you want to install and which technical specifications and parameters they should have
  • Multi-touch screen is protectedby impervious glass while maintaining perfect color rendition and wide observation angle
  • Although we were encouraged by ideas and solutions for all over the world, Uptronics is entirely Russian project
  • All you need to start working is a single electrical outlet
  • We care about every little detail and our designs benefit from it. Nothing distracts you and every tool is ready at hand
  • Our software lets you control your devices remotely, collects and stores diagnostic data and system information
  • Our specialists will install the modules in a couple of hours